My last blog was titled “Glass Half Full” and I am going to try my best to continue with that theme even though things are a little different from then. One thing is for sure in this interim time since I walked out the newsroom door at KWWL I have been tested in many ways. It’s ironic that I just finished an audio book that talked about how God sends us all sorts of tests on this earth and he sees how we react to them.

My last day at KWWL was January 7th and things have greatly changed since then. I won’t go into details as tempting as it is for me to want to. I can only say that I have learned that working someplace you are valued is the most important thing.

Now I am forced to make some tough decisions. Do I want to go back into television? Do I want to try something completely new and different and is now my chance? I wish these answers were clearer.

I am blessed though because my agent is looking for new positions for me all the time. I feel if I want to get back into television news I can do so and quite easily too .

Time will tell whether that is what I want.

When I moved to Iowa I decided I would slow my pace of life down. I wanted to settle a bit, have a family, meet someone, put some roots down. Now could be God’s way of steering  me in that direction. It’s just hard for me to decide right now.

My brain and feelings are murky and I wish I could fast forward a few months so I have a better idea of a sense of normalcy.

However it is completely amazing to me the people who have reached out to me. It  It honestly seems the job offers just kept coming. It’s so nice to be valued and it’s so nice the people who want me to stay in this community. I am blessed in so many ways.





21 thoughts on “Blessings


  2. Natasha, I went through a similar situation several years ago and decided to stay inm the area. I had moved different times for different jobs anmd decided it was time to make a home. Be careful because there will be all sorts of ideas running through your head, but be patient. I would like to discuss your talents some time and see if I can be of assistance. Glad you are still in the area.

  3. Hey Natasha your a sweet lady I’ve met you a couple of times and it’s amazing you will find the right place for yourself god will lead you there good luck to the future 🙂

  4. Do what you love. Don’t limit yourself or doubt yourself. This is a time when you must remember that when one door closes another one opens which is part of God’s plan. Perhaps this little hiatus (vacation) may shed some light as to which direction you should go. Best of luck. Know that you ARE missed by those of us who watched you here in Iowa and wish nothing but the best for you.

  5. I truly enjoy your positive upbeat attitude and your inspiring messages! May God bless you always as you bless those around you! May your new journey inspire you! 🙂

  6. I have no idea what happened but I do miss seeing you every morning! You were such a highlight to my morning routine and I liked your style too! 🙂 I wish you all the best in your journey and my favorite motto I live by that has gotten me through a lot is: everything happens for a reason, sometimes we don’t always know what that reason is at the time of a live changing event but eventually over the course of our journey it come to us. I’m glad you are keeping us updated and in touch with your blog. Best to you, Natasha!!

  7. Go to the place that makes u happy, but I think you were blessed to have a camera on you so you can make all your fans happy by seeing that beautiful smile on a regular basis. YOU ARE MISSED!!!

  8. Always remember all the accomplishments that you have had in life my dear friend & you will succeed in whatever you want. You are truly missed.

  9. Some say that the hardest things to do in this life are the right things. I truly believe that is so true. Miss you on the news.

  10. I watched you every morning as I did my morning walk! I missed your smiling face immediately! Good luck to you wherever your path leads you, and know that you will be missed each and every morning here at my house.

  11. Sorry that you had to leave. I thought you did a great job with the news. You are valued by your listeners. Blessings to you in all you do.

  12. I worked at Deere through the terrible farm recession of the 80’s. It was a depressing time. Friends laid off, no possibility of advancement or promotion, homes being foreclosed on and it was difficult to leave your job because one had to stay for 10 years to receive a vested pension. I was tempted to leave because I had the skill set to do so, was fed up and wanted out. One voice kept telling me to think about it. “Run towards something, not away from it”. I still tested the market and had a terrific offer which was in the $85k range. Remember this was about 1985. I would have had to relocate my family to Toledo Ohio and put my kids in a school with thousands of others in an urban setting. It was then that I finally came to the realization that my life here in Iowa was pretty ideal. I had grown up in So. Chicago and knew when I had it good. I stayed in Iowa, raised my family, and now teach at UNI and run my own business out of my house. I have never been happier. Good luck in your endeavors, but remember that money is not everything. No real problem can be solved with money. You have to look elsewhere to find the answer. You have a loving family and a significant other who seems to lend you terrific support. You have also discovered your true friends. Start there. Regards, Chris

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